About Us

Your Image Promo Logistic cc is a developing Pretoria based South African company, which is in the business of distributing various timber products locally. In order to grow the company, management has decided to diversify its product offering by importing softwood from neighboring African countries to meet the ever-growing South African timber market.


PROMO LOGISTICS cc is committed to sound business principles of honesty, cooperation and open stakeholder engagement. This commitment comes from stern company belief that any business that conducts its business affairs in an honest way is likely to sustain positive relationships with its stakeholders thereby creating a win-win situation for all.

The company has also embraced the customer-focused attitude throughout its operations. A customer focused approach entails determining and assessing the needs and preferences of the customer and planning a product or service to satisfy these needs and preferences should the organization find this product or service to be an attractive market opportunity. As part of customer focused service commitment, we believe we have to be able to deliver on our mandate to our customers and suppliers. Most importantly, though, Promo Logistics cc ‘s long-term commitment is to be more than just a preferred timber supplier of choice, but to develop long-lasting business partnerships built on trust and truly entrenched in “unparalleled quality service”